Is Valhalla Cues the Best Starter Cue?

Is Valhalla Cues the Best Starter Cue?

Is Valhalla Cues the Best Starter Cue?


     Is Valhalla Cues the Best Starter Cue? The age-old question of what kind of cue should I get is still heard in about every pool hall to date. Buying a cue is kind of like buying a new pair of shoes... Does it look cool? How does it feel when you hit the balls around? What sets this apart from the others? These days it seems the change in style is starting to lean towards more minimalistic looks. It is no wonder why Valhalla cues have attracted a lot of attention recently. Viking cues have created this line to not only show that they can keep up with the change of aesthetics, but they do not sacrifice the ability to play in order to do so.

     The feel of the cue is part of how good you can play with different wraps, or shafts. With Valhalla cues, the feel of the cue won’t be a problem. With wraps of nylon, linen, or none (depending on which cue you select) there isn’t enough difference in the feel of the cue to take you off your game. The great feel of these cues regardless of the lack of wrap is just one of the reasons that sets this apart from others that claim to be just like it.

     In addition to the first two reasons to check out Valhalla cues, they are set apart from the others with minimalistic styles as seen in the black/white tone of the VA118 cue, or if you crave something with more design to stand out than I believe the VA471 cue does just that. Whether you want to grab a hold of something minimalistic or craving something more edgy I truly do believe that these cues are the perfect place to start just that journey.

     If you play in a local league team and need your own cue this might be the cue to have. The limited lifetime warranty helps ensure you are buying quality products. The consistent hit ensures you will make your shots on the table. The standard thread joint will ensure you can swap out for a carbon fiber shaft if you wish. There are other low deflection shafts that will work on the Valhalla cues. This helps extend longevity of your cue before wanting to upgrade to a midrange Viking pool cue.

      Agree or disagree? Completely up to you, but I am pretty confident that these cues are a perfect fit for those who are looking for a cue with style, great feel, and that sets itself apart from other cues. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this, and Alamo Billiards wishes you well in your journey to play billiards at all levels whether just starting out or playing competitively.

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